5 Home Remodeling Trends That Will Be Big in 2018

Friday December 29, 2017 - Home
Home restorations are used primarily to create or enhance living space- directly increasing a home’s value. When it comes to getting good ideas for restoration projects, it never hurts to check out the latest trends to see what designers are up to. In 2018, it is all about minimizing your home's look to maximize its functional space.

Maximizing Floor Space

The clutter that permeates most homes has never really been much of an issue for interior and exterior design professionals in the past, but that all changes in 2018. Floor space will become a premium in 2018 thanks to more generations living together under one roof.

There will be a need to accommodate more foot traffic, and some families will also need to make room for wheelchairs and other devices. Instead of cluttering the floors, remodeling projects will include flush mounted closets and other ways to open up more floor space.

Less Neutral Colors

In 2017, the big trend in home remodeling projects was utilizing neutral colors to make the home more welcoming. In 2018, that idea has taken a sharp turn towards adding bright and warm colors to make a home feel warm and exciting. Bright-colored furniture in neutral-colored rooms and bright accents in otherwise colorless bathrooms are going to become very popular.

Multicolored Enamel Kitchen Appliances

It seems like every year there is some kind of vintage design trend that starts to catch on and take over in certain rooms of the home. In 2018, that room is the kitchen, and the design idea is vintage-looking appliances covered in multicolored enamel. Those old-style ovens and deep basin sinks are all making a comeback, but they’re making their return with a fresh color scheme and a classic attitude.

The enamel helps to enhance the vintage look of the appliances, and the multicolored scheme can be done in a variety of ways. You can have an oven with a red door and a blue stove top, or you can have a blue refrigerator and a yellow oven. These appliances go right in line with the blasts of color people are adding to their kitchens in 2018.

Stone Kitchen Countertops

It's funny how sometimes remodeling trends can flip-flop from year to year. In 2017, the trend was stainless steel kitchen appliances and enamel countertops. In 2018, the silver appliances are gone, and the countertops have changed to real stone.

In most cases, the stone countertops are polished granite, which can create a multicolored look that stands out. But marble and even stamped concrete are also becoming popular in kitchens all around the country.

Outdoor Kitchens

For many years, the primary outdoor restoration project was a multi-tiered patio. But in 2018, the focus goes away from patios and into outdoor kitchens. The kitchens seem like a natural extension of the patios, as both features deal with outdoor entertaining.

An outdoor kitchen is not simply a grill and a couple of patio couches. It is a full kitchen with features such as a refrigerator, eating area, a real outdoor oven and a full stove top. In 2018, the trend is to take outdoor entertaining to the next level with a real outdoor kitchen.

As you plan your remodeling projects for 2018, keep an eye on what the innovative trends are going on in the industry. Unsure where to start? Reach out to a Licensed Remodeling Expert like Multi Serve to help make that dream home scrapbook into a reality!