9 Projects To Finish Before Thanksgiving!

Monday August 21, 2017 - Home

Fall is almost here! As a way of coping with the last few weekends of summer fading away the Multi Serve Team has put together a list of our top projects to finish before the holidays come…

1. Drain The Pool

I’m just going to come right out and tear the bandaid off of this one. Summer’s wrapping up and we’re going to have to accept the reality that soon the smell of sunscreen and chlorine will be quickly replaced by rotting leafs and pumpkin spice. And while you might be adventurous (or stubborn) enough to continue your ice cold late night swims into late September, keep in mind - the human body only needs to drop 4 degrees to be at risk of hypothermia.  

2. Organize the shed

If you only open your shed once a month to navigate the jungle of tools, half finished projects, and oversized holiday decorations - chances are your shed might be a bit of a mess. Plan a nice cozy afternoon with you and your backyard’s backpack removing junk like that old power washer you were definitely planning on fixing up. Finally throw away that novelty tiki bar you got as a white elephant gift last year- you’ll thank yourself when the snow melts and you’re actually able to find your lawnmower without the assistance of a bloodhound.

3. Inspect the Exterior of your home

Whether it be chipped paint from a wild animal, or missing shingles from a summer storm - chances are mother nature has taken a toll on your sanctuary. You can navigate the process of heading to the store to find a shingle that matches your roof, and then heading back again to find one that ACTUALLY matches. Or you can call a Licensed Roofing Installer to help save you the headache.

4. Clean and put away your patio furniture

While you may be able to squeeze a few more weeks of outdoor dinners out of your loved ones, chances are your in-laws aren’t going to want to sit through Thanksgiving out in the snow. Be sure to use cleaning supplies recommended for the specific types of furniture, otherwise next year’s backyard barbecue might quickly become a standing affair.

5. Examine the deck and patio for signs of decay

Unless this is your first winter because you’ve been living on the equator (in which case, kudos to you) you’ve seen first hand what ice and snow can do to wood decks. While finishing and staining can certainly prolong the decay of old man winter, there comes a time when it’s best to bring in an expert to inspect your backyard oasis and offer some options.

6. Open those windows

Summer’s sweltering heat means that you’ve likely kept your home locked up tight and made your air conditioning unit work overtime to keep your thermostat at that precious 72 degrees. Unfortunately, that means that your house has largely been circulating a lot of the same air for a few months- allowing germs and strange odors the chance to run around uninterrupted. Ever notice that seasonal flu that everyone seems to get around this time of year? Thank you air conditioning.

7. Replace your furnace filter

We all know you probably don’t have it marked on your calendar to switch out your filter every three months - and if you do, I’m impressed. If you’re like the millions of people worldwide who likely haven’t even given your furnace filter a thought; then it’s probably time to replace it. The number one cause of HVAC units malfunctioning is a dirty filter. If you’re having issues with your HVAC unit and you don’t think the filter is to blame, it’s a good idea to give an expert a call before the temperature falls.

8. Organize those Holiday Lights

There’s only one thing more terrifying than the thought of that mess of colorful cords wrapped up and thrown in a closet somewhere. It’s the thought that you have to one day attempt to untangle that mess, and hope that all of those little bulbs are still going to be able to light up. Otherwise you’re headed back to the store to wait in another monstrous line to try and find the matching set that of course has been moved to a different spot than where they were last year and-- quite frankly, we’d rather be sitting at home drinking eggnog.

9. Finish that dream room

Whether it’s a “Man Cave” or a “Fem Den” there always seems to be a room that gets talked about being built, but never gets started. Why? We all know the window in the living room leaves a glare on the TV, and there’s no reason you should have to spend another minute browsing Facebook at the Kitchen table. Bring in an expert that’s going to help take that room from a pipe-dream to a reality.
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