Choosing Exterior Colors For Your Home

Wednesday February 28, 2018 - Home
Have you ever pulled into your driveway after a day at work and wished your house looked more inviting? Despite your best efforts and expensive investments in windows, shutters and landscaping, something still isn't right. That mystery factor might be as simple as color choice. If you didn't buy your house new, it's likely that the original color scheme has become outdated or distorted with mismatched updates. Fortunately, new ideas and a little elbow grease can solve the problem.

To begin, consider how elements of the exterior come together into the visual perception we call curb appeal.


The top of your house is more important than you think. Because it's expensive to replace a roof, let your current roof guide all remaining color choices. Take a good look at the tiles, and identify their color family — most are brown, black, gray or red. If possible, find a tile that matches and use it when designing your new exterior color palette.


Siding establishes the home's most prominent color and should complement the rooftop, so ask your project manager to find a paint shade in a pleasing contrast to the roof. Avoid perfect matches or shades that don't sit in the same color family as the roof. For example, a russet-brown roof looks best with earth-toned siding, not with bright blue or pea-green.


Most people assume exterior trim around windows and doors should be white, but here's where some experimentation can bring stunning results. Take a picture of your house, and use a graphics program to color the trim. Try light brown, gray or even yellow. The right trim color accentuates windows and makes your house stand out on the street.


The most overlooked and underrated aspect of home exteriors are the screens. The good news is that they’re inexpensive to replace. Dark screens in a charcoal shade mask windows and create drama. They can make windows seem bigger when placed against trim. Lighter screens, such as silver, add sheen and shine. Use them if you don't want to interfere with the other color choices. Either way, use the same screen shade in every window to avoid a patchwork result.


It's quick and easy to find a new look just by painting your exterior doors. Use a digital photo and a graphics program to explore various shades. Be open to the unexpected — a bright red or yellow front door can create the sophisticated or whimsical look you seek. For a more understated but classic approach, doors can match the trim.

With the right colors, your curb appeal increases along with the happy feeling you have when arriving home to a house that looks great. Want to talk to a professional about your home’s new look? Give the team at Multi Serve a call- we’re ready to make those curb appeal dreams a reality!