Welcome to The New Multi Serve Website!

Monday August 21, 2017 - MSI

On behalf of the entire Multi Serve team, I’m excited to introduce our brand-new website! We’ve fully redesigned our website from the ground up with a few goals...

1. Design with the entire team in mind.

From client to partner, we want to make sure your experience is as smooth and easy as possible. From giving you the ability to live chat with our Dedicated Support Team, to being able to contact our emergency line at any time, wherever you are on the site; we’re tired of jumping through loops to talk to a human being, and we think you are too.

2. Deliver knowledge about a job, not just information.

In the not so distant past tracking the status of a project was an absolute nightmare. Calling every party involved only for them to pass the buck to the next guy and leave you with more questions than when you started. We’re not okay with that. Clear and Trusted Communication is a core part of what we do here at Multi Serve. For this reason, we’ve completely overhauled the MSIS Job Tracking Platform giving you the power to know – on your time.

3. Dedicate ourselves to excellence, no matter the cost.

If you’ve worked with Multi Serve in the past, you’re probably familiar with some of the things that make us unique, whether its our Pre-Claim Assessment and its impartial ability to help avoid unnecessary claims, or our Policy Increase Protection, and the way it helps protect homeowners and helps preserve the relationship with their Agent upon renewal.

Our empathetic approach to how we do things is founded on the idea of a Continued Dedication to Excellence.

With this in mind, beyond just updating the core functionality of our site, we’re committing ourselves to expanding what our site can offer, from being able to track the status of a job – to being able to quickly find trusted answers for an untold number of questions, for homeowners and agents alike. Look for more to come soon!

Looking forward, but not forgetting our roots.

We’re entering an exciting time at the Multi Serve offices. Updating our site may not seem like much on the surface, but it’s symbolic of our entering into a new era of service. One that looks to the future for the great innovation it can provide, while simultaneously looking to the past and honoring the traditions that we’ve built our relationships upon. From the entire Multi Serve team, I want to thank you for taking this step with us. We never forget that the relationships we have with our Homeowners and Partners are the foundation of what makes us more than just a service company. Here’s to the future!
If you have any questions regarding the changes to our site, or just want to send over a quick congratulation – please feel free to send us an email at hello@multiserve.us or give our team a call at (866) 219-4500.