Where to Begin When Storms Damage Your Home or Business

Monday November 13, 2017 - Insurance

Where to Begin When Storms Damage Your Home or Business

While we often hear the sirens blaring each month, Michiganders have little to worry about from tornadoes, with only 16 tornadoes a year, says the National Centers for Environmental Information. Even still, you know rough weather can strike your home and business anytime. Where do you begin once storms have damaged your Michigan home or business? Start with three calls and some deep breathing.

First Call: Emergency Services

Before getting too wrapped up in anything - if anyone has been hurt from a storm striking your home or business, call for emergency services immediately. Police, fire, and medical services can help handle a wide range of issues, from shock to cuts and bruises from flying glass or wind-borne objects.

Fortunately, most Michiganders from Grand Rapids down to Detroit do not suffer grievous harm from storm damage; their property does, which brings you to your second call.

Second Call: Insurance Company

Your insurer needs to know what you are facing. Trying to properly assess the full extent of the damage alone is next to impossible, and often times dangerous. For example, if an autumn windstorm topples a tree onto your roof in Hart, stay away to avoid any possible injury.

An adjuster will respond as rapidly as possible and immediately issue an initial claim check (usually right on the spot, electronically) to begin covering the damage and providing recovery services. This leads to your third call, restoration services.

Third Call: Restoration Services

When it comes to putting your home or business back together, choosing the right restoration service company can make all the difference. Many insurers work with particular restoration service companies by default, but you’re always able to choose a local, experienced company for yourself. Consider Multi Serve, for example, as opposed to an impersonal, national chain.

With a local restoration company, you know you are dealing with members of your community. Their company headquarters is a real, physical address you can drive to and call locally. Their highly trained employees are your neighbors.

What You Should Do After Calling

For a Michigan home or business, storm damage can be life-altering. Parts of your roof could be gone; plates and glass windows could be shattered. You may not be thinking clearly.

Begin by forcing yourself to stay calm. Breath deeply and evenly, even in the face of extensive damage. Start by evaluating people and pets first, making sure everyone is accounted for and safe. For pets in your home, secure them in suitable cargo carriers. For sensitive materials in your business, secure valuables away from the source of damage as fast as possible.

Avoid spending too much time around the storm-damaged parts of your home or your business. With many types of damage, there isn’t much a single individual can do that will be as effective as the restoration services an experienced company can provide. Often times a mitigation comes down to the equipment and training to deal with hazards like scattered glass shards, waterlogged carpets, moldy ceilings or missing rooftop shingles.

Emotional Support

Storm damage to your home or business can be one of the most emotional times in your life. While your first instinct may be to jump in and start fixing the damage, stepping back and providing ready answers to professionals can actually be more efficient and more effective than if you root through the damage yourself. Let them rescue your important documents or home firebox; you concentrate on the safety of those who matter most.

The restoration company will ensure gas mains are safely off, electricity is shut down and water stops spewing from burst pipes. They will remove water, ruined building furnishings, furniture and more. They will prevent germs, mildew, and mold from forming using bactericides and fungicides, then dry out the building interior.

Working from a plan, they will catalog the damage, inventory destroyed items (useful for the continued work on the insurance claim), and determine how best to restore your structure to its original integrity.

Who to Call

By calling Multi Serve, you’ll reach a local, Michigan-based company specializing in storm damage restoration. We can handle every aspect of the recovery, from working with your insurance company to the final walk-through of your completed reconstruction. Contact our team today and see why we should be one of the first calls you make.